Campaigning with heroes

The Guide

Tips, tactics and many, many stories of the successes and failures of human rights campaigning

Welcome to ‘Campaigning with Heroes: The Guide’. The site is published by The Syria Campaign as a resource for all human rights activists. On this site you’ll find lots of tips, tactics, and case studies that will, we hope, help you think in a new way about your campaigning.

The guide is not a “how-to” that explains exactly how to run campaigns. We don’t believe that there is one fixed approach that will always work, and we certainly don’t think that we have all the answers. We’ve organised the guide into short chapters, and the real-world examples are in the case studies section. This is where we tell the story of a particular campaign by The Syria Campaign, one of our partners, or an organisation that we admire. We believe that the best way to get inspiration is to look around and learn from the experiences of others.